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Paul's common sense, data driven, approach to marketing has given us results that previous (very costly) agencies failed to deliver.
Michael Larobina CEO Realserve testimonial for Paul D'Ambra marketing consultant
Michael Larobina
“Paul D’Ambra is a one of a kind. Unique in every way. He is a freelance website design and marketing service. After scouring for freelancers online I was hitting a dead end. I couldn’t find someone with broad enough skills and the approach I needed.

As a small business coach, I couldn’t make a mistake in this space. My clients were all watching my progress very closely. Paul completely changed my perception on what could be done from our very first discussion. He was incredibly detailed oriented. Skilled in contemporary marketing strategy. He drove me to new benchmarks.

I thought I was driven and goal oriented until Paul showed me that he had gears I hadn’t seen before. He created a list of tasks and content for me to rip into. He was on me every day to get it done. He guided me on best practice and gave me wonderful suggestions when I hit an impasse, meanwhile he was rebuilding my website with a stronger presence for SEO and organic growth, better content and with a niche in the business coaching market.

The site was lightning fast. Paul wouldn’t rest until the job was done. It was so seamless. Something worth noting is Paul’s huge experience in photography so he has an elite eye for imagery and branding. I couldn’t be any happier and will continue to work with Paul as well as recommending him to my clients. He will not disappoint!”
David Taubman The Path To Great Culture Profile Photo
David Taubman
Director - The Path To Great Culture
"A real pleasure to work with, quick, think like a business person and do give a shit...

...very good at what you do compared to others. I have dealt with a lot of web developers and designers over many decades and I must say Paul is the best I have ever used.

Quick, proactive, business smart and creative."
Tony Gattari Chief Operating Officer
General Manager - Groups Division - Beyond Travel Pty Ltd
"5 stars is simply not enough! Paul helped me get a $3,000 refund from the agency I used & fixed my website problems.

Paul’s knowledge, understanding of marketing and professionalism has been everything I needed to get my business backend marketing on track.

After being taken for a ride by a contractor who claimed they knew what they were doing, however the results said otherwise, I reached out to Paul.

He was able to quickly identify the gaps and gave fantastic advice on how to fix complex issues to get back up and running.

I highly recommend anyone in business to utilise Paul’s services as his depth of knowledge and skills are second to none."
Raechel El Hindi review of Paul DAmbra digital marketing consultant photo
Raechel El Hindi
Founder - Naturally Good Living
"I engaged Paul to provide marketing inputs to help our brand generate more leads. In a very short time he uncovered a number of marketing execution gaps, especially with our digital marketing.

What impressed us was his ability to very quickly grasp lots of technical information and deliver a marketing audit that gave us a framework of practical steps across our sales & marketing teams to improve our results.

12 months on and Paul’s mix of marketing, website and seo development has seen the brand enjoy record visitor numbers, our highest ever organic search volumes & a constant flow of quality, Australian leads.

His common sense, data driven approach to marketing has given us results that previous (very costly) agencies failed to deliver."
Michael Larobina CEO Realserve testimonial for Paul D'Ambra marketing consultant
Michael Larobina
Chief Executive Officer - Realserve Pty Ltd
"Loved working with Paul. Paul is simply a perfectionist and puts in 100 percent to his craft. I don’t like recommending anyone because it always backfires on me but happy to recommend Paul to anyone because I’m extremely confident of his skills and passion towards his craft!

He gave us a brand new website design, new brand profile and even helped with things like how we quote clients, how to invest money and plan the steps to grow our business.

We got results within the first few weeks with phone calls, quote requests and jobs we won that we didn’t get last year when we used an agency.

The difference has been huge Best of all he shows us proof of the results and pushes us to get more results."
"In addition to delivering impressive growth in website traffic, the Paul also provided valuable insights and guidance on my Google Business Profile.

His expertise helped me to better understand how to effectively market my business online and improve my website's performance.

The support and advice provided was invaluable, and I am confident that it will continue to benefit my business for years to come.

Overall, I highly recommend Paul to anyone looking to improve their online marketing and SEO efforts.

His knowledge and professionalism are top-notch, and he truly helped to take my business to the next level."
Bede Hunt review of Paul D'Ambra marketing consultant
Bede Hunt
Founder - Supercalla Private Properties
""I contacted Paul after getting pushed around the ringer with other companies, straight from the start he told me what i needed to do to improve my company and gave me a detailed quote explaining this.

I have been using Paul for our digital marketing some time now, originally I wasted a lot of money on other marketing companies who just weren't producing any results at all.

I now have a website which competes along side top companies and more job leads than I've ever had since i started my business.

Couldn't be happier with the results!! We've generated more than $300,000 in new renovation projects from his marketing work"
Dylan Doncevski's review of Paul D'Ambra Marketing Consultant
Dylan Doncevski
Director - Passion Built
"Paul, thank you so much for the on-line marketing audit. Volumes of insight, and practical examples of what needs to be done.

Paul provides value well beyond expectations. We now have The Playbook!

Paul's digital marketing & coaching has lead to more than $200,000 in new business opportunities for our company that we didn't have before"
Andrew Mansfield Director Genesis Retail Displays Australia
Director - Genesis Retail Displays
"Paul was very easy to work with, he understood our vision and delivered impressive results by creating a whole new website and implementing marketing strategies for our business.

His attention to detail and communication style made the whole process seamless.

I would highly recommend Paul for all his professional marketing services.

We've had a 44% increase in website visitors year on year & 94% increase in people located in Sydney "
Catherine Colubriale's review of Paul D'Ambra marketing consultant
Catherine Colubriale
Catherine Colubriale Couture
"Paul D'Ambra is a great way getting your business on the right track and you can be sure of great results. Paul it’s very honest and giving from himself more than it’s written in the contract.

I really recommend to anyone who would like to increase sales and find a better, easier and more efficient way of managing your business.

He grew our rental company to reach $1M in potential revenue within 12 months"
Paul Wojtek photo
"Paul’s D'Ambra's exceptional ability to collect, clean and analyse large data from various sources was shown when he conducted our recent market review.

His vast experience showed through when he was able to quickly summarise clear and concise strategic goals leading onto actionable tasks for future results in a transparent, down to earth manner."
James Sawell Manager Organisational Development and Marketing
Manager Development & Marketing
Realserve Pty Ltd
"Paul D'Ambra was engaged by my company, Tailored Teeth Dental & Cosmetics to establish a marketing plan and practices for our newly established practice.

I found Paul to be incredibly dedicated and unbelievably hard-working from the outset. He boasts a breadth of knowledge and experience that I had not encountered before, nor since.

I would highly recommend Paul for brands or businesses looking to bolster and consolidate their market positioning in a sustainable, scaleable manner."
Rick Iskandar Director Tailored Teeth Dental
Director - Tailored Teeth Dental
"Paul helped our business with new website, Google My Business page and saved me thousands of dollars on Google Ads being wasted and even helped me cancel a Yellow Pages contract saving me $18,000.

I got more leads & enquiries in 6 weeks than i got in previous 6 months, I was blown away, he works fast and just knew what I needed to get done.

I cancelled my previous seo agency who were ripping me off & he proved they were doing nothing.

I don't have time to look at all the stuff, but he sends all the data and proves everything to then get more results (he is a pain in the bum like that).

If you are sick of dodgy seo people try this guy"
Peter Marneros Director Slip Away Boat Transport
Director - Slip Away Boat Transport
"We engaged Paul to build a new website for our building company. The results were above expectations, turn around was quick and communication was efficient.

Paul provided us with all the information we needed and help along the way and delivered what he promised.

Even after only having a few jobs listed we have seen a major spike in website traffic, incoming calls and enquiries.

We will use Paul's marketing skills to boost our business with our new website."
Yianni Danikas review of Paul D'Ambra marketing consultant
Yianni Danikas
Director - Danicon Group
"Paul is an innovative marketeer with a great passion for creating superior outcomes for products in retail space.

During our time working together, Paul more than tripled activity for his franchisees with our products, through persistence, perception and personal engagement.

I'd throroughly recommend Paul as a person to create new opportunities and get things happening in any organisation"
John Swainston Director Maxwell Industries Distribution
Managing Director - Maxwell International Pty Ltd
"Paul was fantastic to work with. I initially provided him with a vision and the strategy on how I wanted to differentiate the business.

He provided me with constructive feedback and challenged my thinking. Often it was minor nuances that made big differences, particularly with social media and content marketing.

He was so supportive of the business and provided many opportunities to help make connections with others to help grow the business, which I am very grateful for."
Vanita Smith Founder of Ayubowan
Vanita Smith
Founder - Ayubowan Health & LIfestyle Medicine
"Paul always looked for new and innovating ideas to expand a consumer base.

In the digital world this gave us as an agency the opportunity to work with a client who was not afraid to push the boundaries to make sure they were leading the charge in client acquisition and market growth.

Paul's never ending enthusiasm not only fired up his team it also rubbed off on to ours."
John Murray Managing Director at Instar Pty Ltd
Managing Director - Synchromesh Marketing
"Paul did a full website overhaul for 10 days! Not only was he able to hit this timeline but he produced a very rich site. Our website gives our customers confidence, attracts far more prospective customers and provides a space that lives up to our mission. Impressive work Paul!"
Jamin Richards Director of The Goldilocks Suit
Director - The Goldilocks Suit
"Paul was great to work with. Took the time to work out our business needs and requirements and tailored his work to suit that.

Work was of high quality and on budget/time. Look forward to using him further over the coming years."

"When above and beyond to ensure we got the best possible service. Paul also has great technical insights into the backend of SEO which really helped us to boost our profile."
Shem Richards Director The Goldilocks Suit
Director - The Goldilocks Suit
"I recently engaged Paul D'Ambra to conduct an audit of my websites and he did an excellent job.

In fact, he went over and above the work he'd scoped out because he wanted my business to benefit from the insights from his data analysis. He even gave me additional tools that will help me in the future.

I found the work he did incredibly comprehensive and was singularly impressed by his deep understanding of SEO and ability to recommend useful ways for me monetise my websites.

I am now re-engaging Paul to help me further. To be honest, I hardly ever recommend people on Linkedin but given the benefit I've had from Paul's work, I wanted to make others aware of his abilities."
Robyn Foyster
Robyn Foyster
Director - Foyster Media
"Paul is very meticulous, analytical and efficient in his work processes. He strives to maintain the best service and advice for his organization and colleagues.

Paul has been an influential and proactive manager by challenging and motivating his team through direction and example.

He is a pragmatic, direct and a persuasive negotiator. A good business partner and enjoyable to work with."
Rachelle Cavanaugh photo
Business Manager - Ingram Micro Distribution
"I’ve had the pleasure to work with Paul in his different marketing roles at Logitech Asia Pacific for 7 years.

Paul is passionate about business and marketing, and is daring to challenge the status-quo for improvement and better results any time.

He is efficient and quick to collate vast information, distill and formulate relevant strategies. I appreciate Paul’s professionalism, candor and energy through the time we work together."
Cannis Wong Communications Professional
Asia Pacific Public Relations Manager - Logitech
"Paul was a great colleague and a pleasure to work with during our time at HP. A passionate retailer, with an excellent understanding of the business drivers, and requirements of his customers, who was always full of ideas and innovative ways to target the market effectively. I would gladly have no hesitation in working with Paul again if the opportunity arose."
Spiro Vournazos
Regional Sales Manager - Hewlett Packard
"I brought Paul into Dick Smith for a good reason - achieve results & fast. Paul did this with great vigor and sense of persistence.

He not only achieved but also built a team and relationships that had fantastic results.

His ability to source out a strategy best suited for a changing environment branded exceptional outcomes."
Luke Goldsworthy Chief Executive Officer The Playhouse Group Pty Ltd
Head of Buying - Dick Smith
"Paul has been an influential and proactive manager by challenging and motivating his team through example. He is a direct, pragmatic, and persuasive negotiator."
Tiffany Ng Category Manager Coles
Category Manager - Coles
"I have had the pleasure to work with Paul over the past year.He has constantly demonstrated a great ability to overcome adversity and deliver flawless programs and projects that have build the brand to new standards.

With great knowledge of all marketing touch points he has focused on those that deliver faster and more consistently in his environment, such as Digital, Instore and Social media.

On a personal POV, I think Paul is assertive, candid, respectful and a real pleasure to work with. I would have no problems recommending Paul to any marketing position."
Ricardo Quintero Senior Global Brand Manager
Senior Global Brand Manager - Ultimate Ears
"Paul joined the team at Lotus Cars Australia and immediately set about helping us re-energise the brand within the automotive community.

Paul's understanding of marketing, both traditional and social was extremely beneficial, and when coupled with his ability to shoot emotive photographs, proved to be a winning formula for increasing brand awareness.

Paul invests himself into his work, particularly when he has a passion for what he is doing, and I would have no hesitation on recommending him to prospective employers looking for an energised individual who is passionate about what they do."
Richard Gibbs COO Lotus Cars Australia
Chief Operating Officer - Lotus Cars Australia
"I have had the pleasure to work with Paul in the last 7 years across a number of situations from customer, to Group Manager for Music.

He has the sensational ability to view, analyse and drive to achieve outcomes over and over again. His ability to adapt and achieve in any scenario regardless of the challenges is an essential part of his achievements and is a exceptional colleague to work with"
Damian Lepore Managing Director Logitech Australia & New Zealand
Managing Director - Logitech Australia & New Zealand
"I have known Paul for few years professionally and on a personal level through out couple of roles he held in his career.

He is a great talent who combines an in-depth knowledge of the market and the industry with an outgoing urge for success.

Most importantly he is an astute operator with results speak volume for his ability and his achievements

I've always admired his energy, professionalism, ethics and winning attitude.

Paul is what every business need, not to mention I am proud to call him a true friend"
Ziad Yaacoub Director AYONZ Australia Pty Ltd
Director - Ayonz Pty Ltd
"Being a small business, I needed the investment made with a new website to be on the mark and value for money.

The insight I have been given with the considerations needed in the build of a website has been informative and motivating to keep growing my business. The feedback from clients has been only positive."
Barton Mawer
Director - Barton Mawer Motorsport
"Paul is an innovative and aggressive marketing manager.

A person who loves spinning several plates at the same time and grabbing any new ideas, running full steam ahead with them. Quickly pulling those that don't work and focusing on those that do.

I think his best attribute is he always speaks with the utmost candor. Something I found refreshing in the retail landscape."
Steven Jones
Franchisee - Harvey Norman
"Paul is dedicated and passionate, with a creative flair for brand marketing and PR. During our time working together Paul demonstrated excellent in-market activation of marketing activity with fantastic results."
Rob Borrett Manager Pr Content & Launch Programs Lotus
Manager PR Content & Launch Programmes - Group Lotus
"Paul understands consumer electronics and the expansive AP region and it's marketing needs quite thoroughly.

As the global brand lead for Logitech, I worked with Paul to implement the new brand across all our regions.

As the lead for AP, Paul was focused and determined to make the transition successful in the region. He championed the brand with all the regional stakeholders and became the key brand ambassador for alignment there.

His attention to detail is stellar and he was continually evaluating ways to improve the regional executions.

I appreciated the opportunity to work with him on this project as he made me better at my role through his direct questions and regional expertise"
Paige Lutter Brand Manager Strategy & Application
Global Brand Management Strategy & Application - Logitech
"It has been a pleasure to work with Paul at Logitech. He is a strong partner and leader who brings an unmistakable passion for the business.

Paul is particularly strong at understanding and communicating strategic plans, developing creative marketing plans, then rapidly driving them into execution."
Dan Caccamo Product Marketing Manager
Global Portfolio Marketing Manager - Ultimate Ears
"Paul is one of the most passionate and driven brand professionals that I've come across.

His role and his reputation have taken him to Europe and the US to work on global launches for Logitech and to share his best practices in social media campaigns and trade marketing projects.

He's a pleasure to work with and will bring success to any team."
Art O Gnimh VP Business Leader Logitech
Senior Global Director, Brand and Portfolio - Logitech
"Paul has a great combination of vision and the ability to execute. Working with Paul is always productive because he thinks strategically and challenges the status quo, while having the focus to accomplish all that he sets out to.

Paul is a driven and positive professional and it's a pleasure to work with him."
Pilvi Carman Country Director
Country Director- Belkin International
"I contacted Paul after getting pushed around the ringer with other companies, straight from the start he told me what i needed to do to improve my company and gave me a detailed quote explaining this.

very! very! happy with my new website and look forward to working with you further to develop my marketing strategies."
Dylan Doncevski photo
Director - Passion Built Renovations
"It's been great working with Paul D'Ambra. We've been getting advice on our website and it's been extremely helpful.

The backend of websites are shrouded in secrecy but Paul's able to tell us what's working and what's not. This is a huge help for our business.

Highly recommend Paul"
Pamela Connellan
Content Writer - Ozone Clinic
"Paul was engaged to prepare a marketing strategy for a new state of the art dental clinic in the heart of Burwood with the aim of increasing patient flow through our doors. His work spanned branding, advertising, marketing and general advice.

His work and work ethic are absolutely brilliant. He has a deep and extensive knowledge of marketing and was able to tailor a plan to suit our requirements and achieve our desired goals.

I highly recommend Paul and would gladly work with him again in the future."
Milad Melhem
Milad Melhem
Director - Tailored Teeth Dental
"We engaged Paul D'Ambra to revitalise our tired old website. Paul worked with our team diligently ensuring he educated himself on all aspects of our business and then went to work on creating an amazing website

Fresh Interactive and Consumer informative.

I'm amazed at his professional work ethic and attention to detail. Blown away by the end result and very grateful."
Tony Hrvatin Director Anti Jump Barriers Review for Paul D'Ambra Marketing Consultant
Tony Hrvatin
Director - Anti Jump Barriers
"Paul is a passionate, results oriented business leader. Despite facing tough time and budget constraints, he consistently demonstrates an ability to develop and execute creative marketing plans that help grow the business. It's been a pleasure to work with Paul."
Chris LaBrutto Principle Product Manager at Amazon
Principal Product Manager - Amazon
"My business partner and I hired Paul to help set up and build the brand of our new company 12 weeks ago. Since day one we felt we had a huge amount of support, guidance and an I.T guru in the team.

Paul's extensive knowledge about business marketing, advertising, social media platforms and website development is outstanding. His determination to see us reach our goals is most appreciated.

Thanks for being a part of our team and we will be sure to call on you again."
Tom Russo Director Scope Security
Director - Scope Security
"Working for Paul has been a very enriching experience. His ability to quickly grasp the issues at hand and formulate effective strategy are amongst the best I've experienced.

As a manager he is always available, and ready to get straight to the heart of the issue at hand in a very thoughtful and constructive manner."
John Paterson Regional Category Manager Music Logitech
Regional Category Manager Music - Ultimate Ears
"Paul is a visionary marketing professional, someone who always is looking outside of the box for that next "big idea".

Paul is determined, driven and tenacious and works hard to ensure success at all times.

Although I did not report directly to Paul he mentored me and provided me with guidance that has assisted me in progressing my own career.

I would reccomend Paul to anyone looking for a true marketing professional."
Brendan Murray Director WW eComerce Lenovo
Director WW eCommerce - Lenovo
"Paul has always been very open and trustworthy in his business ethics, and retains a desire to succeed from both a supplier and retailer perspective, It’s always a pleasure to work with Paul in sharing new ideas and concepts to benefit both sides of business, he is very alert and responsive to market changes as it happens, and has, as always presented consistent respect and compassion.

I would recommend Paul in any business environment where a level head and smart thinking is required, as well as innovative ideas when going to market.

During the time I have known Paul, he has distinguished himself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the fields of leadership and management. I have enormous respect for him and his leadership skills, I have been pleased to work with him on many an occasion.

Paul has a continued interest in programs related to leadership and development. He has instituted many impressive programs and it has been an honour to consult with him on some of the various projects over the years.

He is an asset with the qualities of a natural leader: genuineness, intelligence, and integrity.

Just as importantly, he has an enthusiasm for continued learning and networking, as well as a resolute desire to understand new theories and ideas."
Ben McDonald National Retail Sales Manager
National Retail Sales Manager - Lako Pacific
"I worked with Paul as HP was going through a lot of change with our merger with Compaq.

Paul managed to restructure our T2 retail business in record time to deliver what were unprecedented results - not only in sales, but also inventory management & business processes.

Paul was then given the significant responsibility of managing the Harvey Norman business which he managed to grow to the point that HP won the hardware supplier of the year less than 6 months later - a massive achievement, considering that we were struggling there before Paul came in.

Paul's ability to assess a situation; determine best course of action; ensure win-win for all parties and his tenacity to see that through to the right end result is something I haven't seen in many people.

His results speak volumes for his ability, especially given his roles have been in diverse channels such as retail, wholesale & distribution"
Vickram Bedi Senior Director at HP
Senior Director - Hewlett Packard
"I worked with Paul over a number of years and found him to be an extremely driven and effective sales manager.

His competitive advantage was in his industry knowledge and experience and his innate ability to analyse the market data and use in developing and executing on successful strategic and tactic plans.

Paul was a pleasure to work alongside and a great senior representative for any organisation to consider."
Mark Oakey Territory Sales
PSG Consumer Product Marketing - Hewlett Packard
"Paul and I worked together for about 2 years during a major re-organization at Logitech (China and the rest of Asia merged together one region).

As my Senior Regional Marketing Manager, Paul was instrumental in supporting a fast and efficient transition of the team with direct involvements into the new process development, R&R clarifications and the elaboration of major regional campaigns. Paul is very thorough in the development of his projects and he is well informed about the challenges and opportunities to tackle. Paul was a great help to increase the quality of Marketing activities across AP and he managed effectively the new Brand implementation across 14 countries.

Paul is extremely knowledgeable about Social and Digital activities.

Glad I got a chance to know Paul and I got his full support for 2 years."
Delphine Donné-Crock General Manager & VP Creativity & Productivity at Logitech
Vice President - Creativity & Productivity at Logitech