Would Your Business Benefit From Digital Marketing Services?

A lot of business owners don't realise the potential benefits of getting digital marketing services. Most consumers search online and it is the only way to be discovered.

Can a Business Benefit from Digital Marketing Services by Paul D'Ambra Marketing Consultant

Would your business benefit from digital marketing services? If that’s all you want to know, we can answer that in a single word, “Yes”. Your business will absolutely benefit from hiring a digital marketing expert and if you want to know some of the reasons why a digital marketing agency is one of the best investments you’ll ever make for your business then keep reading. In this short guide you’ll learn about all the amazing benefits of hiring digital marketing services for your business. What’s more, all of these are advantages you can’t develop any other way, they could mean the difference between success and failure for your business. Read on to discover how digital marketing services will help your company.

How can digital marketing services help your business?

The world IS online, so getting digital marketing done correctly is critical for any business owner.

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Get Help From the Experts

It’s true that any company can do their own SEO and digital advertising for very little cost. Although there’s also very little yield if you have no idea what you’re doing. Even if you’re good but not great, you’re going to lose the online battle to those who truly are experts. So then, what good does that do you when “saving money” actually accomplishes nothing? To put it bluntly, hiring your own team of experts is the only way a company can succeed against the kind of competition that exists in practically every major product or service category these days. Read our simple guide about whether using a free website builder is a good idea.


Digital Marketing Agencies Keep Up With the Latest Trends

Another drawback of doing your own digital marketing is trying to keep up with the latest digital advertising trends. Not many business owners have time to constantly update their digital marketing training while also running a company. Even if you have an in-house digital marketing team, all this necessary retraining will be coming out of your pocket. It’s far more practical, and cheaper, to hire a digital marketing consultant. They always stay on top of the latest technologies, search algorithm updates and other marketing trends.

Plus, they train on their own time. In other words, you only pay for the work they do for you. With in-house digital marketing teams, you’re paying for both work and training.


Avoid spending money on the latest gimmicks

We hear some very funny stories about business owners who read a blog post about some new social media platform or a new marketing hack that ‘everyone’ is doing. Sometimes these might be great, but in lots of cases they are just another gimmick that might create a short burst of activity but typically no deliver either long term business growth or high quality customers.  

A marketing professional can help you make decisions about your business goals and put in place the right strategies to achieve the results you are looking for, thus avoiding the temptation to try the latest gimmicks. Think about it for a second, does giving away free products attract the right customer or people who are constantly trawling online for the latest, easy to win, freebies?


Digital Marketing Services Don’t Call In Sick

Members of your in-house team are not guaranteed to be there for you all the time. They’re entitled to sick days, vacation, maternity/medical leave, etc. These common work absences add thousands of dollars per year to the price of each employee. You’ll never have to worry about this with third-party digital marketing services. They’re always there for you.


No Extra Costs

Another thing you don’t have to worry about with digital marketing agencies is all the hidden costs of in-house employment. We’ve already mentioned training and paid leave. There are also potential costs like holiday leave loading, superannuation payments, insurance, extra equipment like a laptop or paying for specialist software to consider.

Your third-party digital marketing team doesn’t require this of you. They’re provided these benefits via their own company.


As Much Help As You Need

What if your company expands suddenly and you need digital marketing help fast? You have to put up wanted ads, conduct interviews, spend lots of time hiring. Or on the flip side, who from your loyal, trusted team members will you choose to lay off when business is too slow? These are difficult problems that no employer enjoys solving. Fortunately, contracting digital marketing services aren’t nearly as difficult or costly as it is with your in-house employees.

If you need some extra help at the moment, hire them on for a period of time. When that requirement is completed, thank them and send them on their way with no hard feelings. With digital marketing services, you easily get just as much help as you need.


Easy Budgeting

The examples above prove that in-house digital marketing costs can vary a lot based on many different factors. Turnover, pay raises, and new marketing trends can unexpectedly change the amount you’re paying for your self-run digital marketing activities. Third-party digital marketing service fees stay more-or-less constant, unless you decide to change which services you’re paying for. This makes your digital marketing budget much easier to manage and more predictable to better manage your cashflow.


Measurable Results

Thanks to the technology used for digital marketing campaigns, the results are much easier to measure than in other types of advertising. Everything that happens in your digital campaign, from ad placement to clicks to purchases, is tracked and measurable. The same can be said for search engine optimisation for your website that has thousands of data points available to show how your chosen keywords are performing.

These important analytics make calculating your ROI much simpler and more accurate. They also let you see what’s working and what needs improvement. This applies to your digital marketing agency, too. In the same way that you can track the success of your campaign, you can also measure the results of your digital marketing consultant. Whether they’re doing a good job or a bad job, you can see for yourself just by looking at the analytics, or by making them show you all the information.

Have a look at some of our Marketing Case Studies to see the approach we take to data analysis and measuring results.


Target the Perfect Audience

Another benefit to the trackability of digital marketing is extremely precise targeting. Right from the start, you can set the parameters of your activities to reach the demographics you think are the most interested. From there, you use your initial analytics to see when, how, and with whom you have more success.

However, while this sounds like a no-lose scenario, it’s actually a little more complex than that. Specifically, if you’re doing all this yourself for the very first time, it’s a learning experience. In other words, it’s going to take you a lot of time, guesswork, and trial and error to get it right (if you ever do). This learning process often takes years. That’s why it’s better to hire a digital marketing service that already has years of experience in audience targeting.


Do You Have Digital Marketing Services?

Remember: hiring digital marketing services is the only way to reap all the benefits outlined above. In all these ways, digital marketing services are your best chance at digital marketing success. We can even help provide training to your current marketing team if they don’t feel confident with digital marketing.

Are you ready to give it a try? Good, because we’re ready to help you out.

Contact us here to get the expert digital marketing help you need or send us your questions to learn more.

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